Your Devon ceremony venue is limited only by your imagination –  and, of course,  one or two safety considerations…. [oh, and you may need to think about the weather/contingency plans]

The legal necessities at the Registration Office - the marriage - are often completed in the week before a wedding ceremony. Many people like to be [but don't necessarily have to be] legally married before their wedding ceremony in Devon. Your wedding ceremony can take place almost wherever you like, whether or not it is a licensed venue.

You can choose to book a room anywhere that hires space for social functions like pubs,  hotels, holiday sites.

You can have an alternative wedding ceremony in an outdoor space with, if appropriate, the owners’ permission. You will need to plan carefully for catering and guests facilities.
For example, you could go
- On the moor
- Beside a river
- In a wood.
- On a beach
- In a field

You can hire a village hall (or even some town halls) at a fraction of the cost of most venues. Most have kitchen and other faclities; many have gardens where the actual ceremony can take place; and there are endless possibilities for making your space beautiful.

If you are having a small gathering and/or are lucky enough to have enough space in your home or garden, then it is even possible to have a wedding ceremony at home.

There are also an increasing number of amazing places in Devon and the South West without marriage  licences but which are set up for ceremonies and are perfect for couples choosing to have a truly independent ceremony with an independent celebrant.

Or, you can of course still choose a grand licensed venue for your wedding ceremony if that is your preference.  Almost all of them will happily accommodate all kinds of ceremonies.

For more details please contact Kim.