Ceremony Scripts

Free Range Ceremonies, for your pesonal ceremony in Devon

Creating your wedding ceremony words

To start - the practicalities
The script preparation starts with listening carefully to how you have imagined your ceremony will be, particular themes you want to include or exclude and the general tone, for example: fun, relaxed, informal or more traditional, or a combination of honouring the significance of promises being made as well as including plenty of laughter and lighter moments.

Family & friends' Participation
For ceremonies with children more active involvement from them may be what you'd like. 

Reading "The Lovely Love Story" for their parents at The Barn, South Milton, Devon

You may like lots of guest participation in your ceremony including everyone singing and some dancing in the aisle

"Happy Together" at Soar Farm, Bolt Head, Devon

 Or you may want to stand quietly in the sunshine and just listen to the story you have created

The Barn, South Milton, South Devon

You may include religious and spiritual, non-religious, pagan elements, or customs from your own or other heritages and cultures.
 We can talk about additional elements like hand fasting, mixing sand, the gift box, wine sharing, ring warming, foot washing,...
 You let you imagination loose and together we can work out how your ideas can be achieved.
 If you are not sure at all, we can discuss possibilities to help you choose.

Readings and Music
You will be able to select readings you would like: solemn, funny, wise, outrageous, part of your theme.... I can make suggestions and there are very many websites with  ideas for you.
You will of course choose the music yourself that you would like to be played during your ceremony, and whether that is to be live or recorded.

And then... the promises
 to one another.

"it was always you"
"I finally feel complete"

You do not have to adhere to any set format - they can be pre-written, familiar or something unique to yourselves that you choose to write for one another.
As well as making promises to each other for your future, this is also an opporunity to include thanks to each other for your journey together so far, to note some of the things you particularly appreciate about the other:

 "I love your cooking, your incoherent instructions for the day while brushing your teeth, and..........."

and to acknowledge the depth of your love:

 "Our relationship....... is not a single bright star, it is the entire night sky......"

You may wish to write your promises on your own, or you may likes some tips - I will offer you some..

And not least- your unique love story

After planing the practicalities, we can move onto the more individual aspects of your ceremony and you can share as much as you like about your journey to this point. It is what you tell me at this stage that forms the core of your ceremony; just as your own love story is unique, so will your ceremony be truly your own.

 The process...
From all you have told me I will create your own wedding ceremony script. I will email the first draft which you will be free to edit and to make suggestions for changes and then email it back to me.  We can email and chat on the phone to make sure we get this the way you want it.
And then, when you are both happy with what is written, we will arrive at the final version of the words for your ceremony.

I will guide you through this, so please don’t feel anxious: the important thing is to enjoy all the planning, especially the creation of these  enduring memories.

After your ceremony I will give you your own copy of the final script to keep.