Commitment Ceremonies

Free Range Commitment Ceremonies in Devon and the Sout Westh

What is a commitment ceremony?

It is an opportunity to make promises of a lasting union with another person. It usually comes about because people want to decare their heartfelt love - often witnessed by other people who are important to them. However, I have also lead a ceremony for two people who wanted to make private declarations of love witnessed only by themselves and with no guests present.

Sometimes people want to make these promises without involving the State and sometimes people are not in a position to have a legal marriage. In England, independent celebrant-led ceremonies are not legally binding and therefore contain no legal restrictions.

Whatever your reasons for choosing this type of ceremony here in Devon, I will be delighted  to work with you as your independent celebrant, to create a ceremony that reflects the two of you and celebrates the love you have for one another.

I will be interested in hearing your vision, ideas and plans, whether that is to have a ceremony that looks as much like a more traditional wedding ceremony as possible or an entirely alternative ceremony or one which incorporates elements of a traditional wedding ceremony as well as some alternative ceremony ideas

For more information on how this happens, please see  getting to know you. 

Where do commitment ceremonies take place?

You can hold a ceremony at any venue, if the owners give permission.  I have lead ceremonies in places as public as an hotel and as private as their own front room; and ceremonies have been held indoors and outdoors.
In Devon your choice of location for your commitment ceremony is limited only by your imagination (and a few practicalities!)

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