My business is run from a corner of our sitting room and I’m a sole trader, so I don’t have an employment policy. There are just my husband and I living here and luckily he is committed to low waste, low energy use too. So the eco-credentials relate to my practices and to our home.

These are the things I'm achieving so far  (and still trying to improve)

Reducing my footprint

- walking or using public transport whenever practicable; trying to combine tasks when I have to use my car; trying to attract customers who are having their ceremony nearer to my base in Teignmouth, by offering a closeness-based discount.

Energy sources/use

- my energy supplier is Bulb, 100% renewable electricity, 100% green gas (achieved through carbon off-setting). They are also human-scale friendly and helpful to customers.

- the central heating is set at 19 degrees or lower, each room has a separate thermostatic control on it’s radiator

- we have appliances with an A++ rating

- every room has LED light bulbs.

- our home is insulated and has double glazed windows

- no devices are left on stand-by


- our water is on a meter; we do not water the garden with a hosepipe; we have three water butts and some open tubs for rainwater collection; we have dual flush toilets; we put the plug in/use a bowl rather than running water wastefully.

Sustainability and fair trade

- I bank with the Co-Operative Bank

- my office supplies come from the Green Stationery Company,

                 my printer paper is 100% recycled and recyclable;

                 the clear adhesive tape is also recycled;

                 envelopes are made from 100% post consumer waste and the adhesive is vegetable based.

- I use a Fairphone mobile

- the plain chocolate, coffee, tea, and sugar we buy are all fair trade products.

- Gifts are often bought from our local  fair trade shop, Voyage , or from the Oxfam shop.

- I avoid products containing palm oil, unless it is from a sustainable source - I subscribe to an organic, UK-only vegetable box scheme and am starting to grow my own fruit, herbs and some vegetables.

- I’m a big fan of cleaning products which have the jumping bunny logo (cruelty free) and otherwise make an all purpose cleaning fluid from white vinegar, peel of juiced lemons/limes and some aromatic herbs from the garden.

- conveniently, Teignbridge district council collect and recycle cardboard, rigid plastic, waste paper, white and shredded paper, catalogues, junk mail, cans, tin foil, clothing and food waste. But I don’t recycle things I could re-use or give to a charity shop.

Animals and environment

- I’ve been vegan since 1994 and vegetarian before that, motivated by respect for sentient beings as well as by my understanding of how harmful intensive animal farming can be to the environment.