Betty O’Barley and Harry O’Hay: my perfect wedding couple

I saw this children's book, "The Scarecrow's weddding" and the thing about it is that it is a story of  "the wedding that nobody will ever forget" - exactly what so many of us are looking for!
The scarecrow's story has many familiar elements: a proposal, planning (not forgetting a list), findng the things on the list, a bit of adversity, loyalty and the involvement of those around them. 

It includes the importat things that I think a wedding is really about:
1. love
2. commitment
3. care
4. making their ceremony really their own
5. lots of happiness and big smiles

And it has elements that add to the loveliness without costing the earth:
1. accepting the involvement and help of others as well as appreciatig their skills
2. locally sourced suppplies
3. recycling and re-using existing materials
4. being inventive and resourceful, which reflects how they are

They successfully avoided:
1. big spending
2. feeling they had to follow out-dated rules
3. anyone telling them they "should" or "must" do anything

And you too can create this magic, so that you have
 "..the best wedding ever, the best wedding yet,
the wedding that no one will ever forget"

The Scarecrows’ Wedding by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler
Published by Alison Green Books. Price £6.99

PS An independent celebrant would definitely be useful too
PPS I haven't yet worked out why there was a lobster on the farm!