About Me, Kim Murray

Formerly a deputy registrar/superintendent registrar for five years here in Devon, I had the pleasure of conducting  many marriages in this beautiful county.
What I have loved best is the sheer privilege of being part of the magic of a couple’s long-term commitment to each other. It is awesome every time and makes me catch my breath.
However, there were also the unavoidable legal restrictions, limited time spent with each couple and worries about getting away from one ceremony in time for the next one.
So I decided to break away and go “free range”.  I believe I can offer more time and involvement to people as an independent celebrant.

I also want to be able to offer people the chance to have much more freedom to:
- have a ceremony which fully reflects the way they are
- have unrestricted choice of a venue
- decide the time of the ceremony
- not experience any pressure if timings go askew
- choose their own celebrant.

If you also want these choices, please contact me for further information.

freerangeceremonies@gmail.com   07773 579 590